Q: I want to send 150 KG cargo by sea from China to Iran, what is your suggestion?

A: The sea freight of 150 KG by sea is cheaper than air freight, but customs clearance in Bandar Abbas is so expensive that it will compensate. Over all you’re going to be better off if you bring it by air.


Q: I have purchased a 1.5 Metric Ton machine from Stockholm/Sweden, can I transport it by trucks over land to Tehran?

A: Yes, there is truck service from Sweden to Tehran available. I think we can transport it with a freight charge of 900 Euros.


Q: Are there sea freight services available in Caspian Sea? 

A: Yes there is cargo vessels available from Astrakhan and Makhachkala (Russia), Baku (Azerbaijan), Aktau (Kazakhstan) & Tukmenbashi (Turkmenistan) to the Anzali and Amirabad ports of Iran at Caspian Sea.


Q: I have 1.5 Metric Tons of air cargo from China to Tehran. I have been offered 31 RMB per KG, is it a good freight offer?

A: No, if your cargo was 50 KG it might have been a good offer, but for over 1 Ton cargo you can expect air freight charges as low as 20 RMB from China to Iran.


Q: I have purchased a second hand cargo for 10% price of a new one and I want to send it to Iran, but since the customs clearance of “used cargo” is forbidden in Iran I want to declare it as new. Is this solution possible?

A: First of all what you are planning to do is illegal and customs inspector will definitely find out about it. Secondly it will prove counter-productive to your benefit: Let’s assume that you will succeed and your cargo will be recognized as new, then you will have to pay all charges based on the price of the new one. For example if the price of new cargo is 10,000 USD and you have purchased it for 1000 USD, and say the tariff+VAT is 35%, then you will be obliged to pay 3,500 USD as tariff and tax which is 3.5 times more than the price you have paid to purchase it. This way you have virtually increased your taxes to 350% instead of 35%.


Q: If I want to import a cargo to Iran, do I need to have a commercial card? What if I don’t have one??

A: Yes, according to Iranian customs regulations you need have to possesses an approved Commercial Card issued in the name of you or your company be the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, if you don’t you can put our name as “Consignee” in your BL and other documents so that we can receive and clear your cargo here in Iran.


Q: Can you please unload my container immediately after its arrival to Bandar Abbas port? I want the empty container to be delivered back to the shipping line, so that they won’t force me to pay demurrages for keeping the container during customs clearance process.

A: Unfortunately Bandar Abbas is short of warehousing space, therefore presently only LCL shipments are being unloaded in the warehouse and full container shipments are stored in their own containers until the customs clearance finished.


Q: What is the “Priority 10” regulation in Iran customs?

A: In the past there were restrictions on imports and products were prioritized into 10 different levels, priority 10 being the least necessary products, un-necessary products and luxury products which their tariff was doubled. This regulation was lifted from September 2016.


Q: Why a logistics company is written as consignee in my AWB?!

A: Every cargo has two BLs, a Mater and a House BL. In the Master AWB (MAWB) the sending and receiving freight forwarders are written as shipper and consignee. So you have the MAWB, ask them to give you the HAWB (House Air Way Bill) in which you are the consignee.

Q: I have transported my cargo from Europe to Iran by Mahan Air. Do I have to pay 10% tax on freight charge?

A: The Ministry of Roads taxes 10% of the freight charge from international carriers. Since you have used an Iranian airline you will be exempted from this tax.


Q: The FOB price of my cargo is 1000 USD and its tariff is 20%, why is customs asking more?

A: The Tariff and VAT tax are levied on the basis of CIF price, not FOB price. Therefore the freight charges and insurance should be added on top of FOB price before calculating the taxes.


Q: The value of my cargo in Iran customs record is 100 USD per piece, but I want to declare it 10 USD per piece to end up cheaper. Do you think any problem may occur if I do that?

A: Customs will calculate on the basis of its own record, therefore they will charge you based on 100 USD, and furthermore you will be charged at least 50% of the difference of the two prices as penalty of undervalue declaration (100-10=90 USD /2= 45 USD per piece as penalty).


Q: Since second hand products are not allowed to be imported in Iran, how/from where can I get the permission to import a used knitting machine?

A: You should submit you request to the “Commission of Item 1” which is a board at the Iranian Organization of Trade Promotion.


Q: What happens if a cargo has no commercial value?

A: Cargo less than 500 USD is considered of no “commercial” value by customs. In the past such cargo needed no tariff and duty payment at all, but nowadays tariff and taxes should be paid to those shipments too.


Q: I am sending an air cargo to Iran, how long does it take until it’s in my customer’s hands?

A: Air transportation takes 1.5 days, D/O takes 3 days, Order Registry 1 days, declaration and clearance 4 days if the systems keep working properly (they usually don’t!).


Q: I have sold to Iran and I have delivered the cargo to the carrier, can I ask the freight to be paid in destination?

A: Yes, ask your freight forwarder to change the terms of payment from Prepaid to Collect.

Q: I have purchased something from Alibaba.com, Iran customs will consider which value, the value written in Alibaba website or the one in my preformed invoice?

A: Non. Iran customs accepts only its own records. Customs does not accept Alibaba as a value reference. 


Q: I am in a hurry and I don’t have the HS Code, can I ask the liner to issue the BL without writing HS Code in it?

A: Iran customs does not accept BLs which don’t have HS code written in them, so you will be forced to amend your BL later on.


Q: What information do you need in order to estimate my charges in Iran customs?

A: City of loading, mode of transport (air, sea or land), type of cargo, number of pieces, FOB value, gross weight, volume and HS code.


Q: How much is the air freight from Turkey to Tehran for a 600 KG cargo?

A: 1 USD per KG from Ataturk Havalimani to Tehran IKIA airport.


Q: Can you calculate the DDP price of my product?

A: Yes we can offer you all inclusive price, which is the finished price of delivery to your customer’s door anywhere in Iran.


Q: What is a Solhnameh? 

A: It’s the name of a legal document signed in an official notary which transfers all of the rights you have on a cargo, to another person. If you are a consignee and you don’t have a commercial card your only choice will be to do that and transfer your cargo to a commercial card holder.


Q: I am going to send 50 KG of my product as a “gift” to Iran and I am not charging my customer anything. Will your customs charge me anything for clearing it?

A: Iran customs knows nothing as gift. Customs will assign a value to it based on former records and you will have to pay tax and tariff based on that.


Q: I am sending two containers of cargo to Iran and I estimate them to arrive 3 month from now, can I write your commercial card name on the Performa Invoice as consignee?

A: Preferably you better write a person’s name (your agent or any trustee person) as consignee, because commercial cards have a “short lifetime” and if you consign your cargo to the card it might be expired by the time your cargo arrives here.


Q: If a product has an agent in Iran, can I still export it to Iran and consign it to another person?

A: Some agents have registered themselves as the unique agent of a product in the customs, for those products customs won’t allow any other one to import.


Q: I am sending bulb lights in a 1x1x1 meter carton from Austria to Iran by your trucks, I should pay the freight charge for 1 CBM, right?

A: No. Your cargo is not stackable, it means we can’t put anything on it, so the height of your carton will be considered 2.4 (equal to the height of truck container) meters instead of 1.


Q: The product that I am planning to export to Iran already has all European and world standards; do you think that the Iranian Standard Organization will require our cargo to be tested again in their laboratories?

A: Yes, without doubt. The Iranian Standard Organization will test all of the aspects that you have claimed in order to see if your standards are correct. So you better not to claim anything at all!


Q: My cargo is “Standard Obligatory” according to the Iranian Standard Organization. I have a sample of my product in Iran. Can I send that sample to the Organization for them to do all necessary tests, so that we can spare time and finish all lab testing before cargo arrives to Iran?

A: No, such a thing is not possible. When your cargo arrives an special “Sampling” envoy of the Standard Organization will attend in customs and the customs inspector will give him a sealed sample, and only that sample will go to the laboratory, they won’t let us even touch the sample. So no other procedure is acceptable by them.


Q: Is there a cargo train available from China to Iran?

A: Yes. The train from IVO/China to Tehran has started service. Its transit time is 14 days and enters Iran trough Sarakhs border point. 


Q: I want to transit my cargo from Bandar Abbas to Tehran so that I can clear it in Tehran Customs. How many transit “guarantee tickets” are needed to be submitted to the customs for that? 

A: For every 100 Million Rials of the cargo value, one ticket should be left with the customs.


Q: I am going to buy a second hand “excavator” from Germany, is an imports permission going to be needed?

A: The list of the “only” used machinery  which don’t need a permission for import is here in our website: http://iranfreight.ir/fa/tarkhis/mostamal.html


Q: I am going to export food products to Iran and I know the license of the Iranian “Organization of Food and Drugs” is needed to do this import, but I don’t have it! So, I think maybe I can transit it from IKIA airport to a special Free Zone in Iran, so that no customs clearance (and subsequently the license) will not be needed. Is this solution going to work?

A: No. For doing the transit from airport to Free Zone again the same license is needed, so in fact you have not solved anything.


Q: I was consignee and I have done “Solhnameh” in your name. Is there any need for me to attend in the customs?

A: All consignees should attend in customs only once, to be registered in customs coding system.


Q: I have exported plastic dishes to Iran with a value of 0.5 USD per KG. Now I am requested to pay 280% tariff!! How can it be possible??

A: The tariff for plastic dishes is 40% and customs record for it is 2.5 USD per KG. 40% of 2.5 USD is equal to 200% of 0.5 USD! In the other hand the difference between 200% and 40% is 160% which you had decided “not to pay” to customs. So you have been charged a penalty of half this amount which is 80% charge of “undervalue declaration”, making the total to seem like 280%, while according to the customs they have received only 40% plus half of difference as penalty of wrong declaration.


Q: I don’t want to write anything on my product and leave its packages blank, so that my Iranian buyer will be able to write anything he desires on them. Do you think there will be any problem if I do that?

A: If there is no mark and model written on a product, the Iran customs will reject it, and the cargo will have to come back to you.


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